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Free Sofia Tour is a Bulgarian non-profit non-government organization that aims to con­tribute to Bulgarian tourism and culture.

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Its flagship project is the Free Sofia Tour, a daily free walking to­­ur of Bulgaria’s capital city. The ini­tiative started with a single person’s en­t­hu­si­asm for his city, but over the last two and a half years it has grown into a recognizable model for novel tourism practices in Bulgaria. Without significant financial resources, Free Sofia Tour has managed to expand dramatically in scale, boasting over 30,000 visitors from 126 countries and six continents, running free tours in two other Bulgarian cities, and developing multiple other projects. Yet the organization’s most significant expansion has been in its cultural and educational impact. The free tours pro­­­mote multicultural interaction and un­der­standing, they uphold the values of modern society, and are exemplary of entrepreneurial spirit, inclusivity, and sus­­tainable expansion. 

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ул. Г. Кондолов 41, 8271, с. Велика, Община Царево
Телефон: +359888333044
Понеделник - петък: 10:00 до 17:00 ч.

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